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The 12th Edition of WAI Newsletter (January – June 2019) is now Available Online!


News Letter 12thThe West Africa Institute (WAI) was created by the ECOWAS Commission, the UEMOA Commission, the Government of the Republic of Cabo Verde, the ECOBANK Group and UNESCO. It was approved by the Summit of Heads of State of ECOWAS, held in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) in December 2008 and by the Council of Ministers of UEMOA on 26 June, 2009, in Dakar (Senegal). 

WAI’s main missions are:

        - to generate knowledge on regional integration;

        - to establish platforms for dialogue, meetings and exchanges;

        - to train a new generation of elites on regional integration and

        - to negotiate strategic partnerships with similar institutions.

The vision of WAI is to participate actively in close collaboration with other actors in order to facilitating decision-making to achieve the aspirations and the desires of the population.

The information on the WAI and its research activities can be obtained via the Website of WAI at: in the three working languages ​​of the Institute (English / French / Portuguese):

1. WAI Publications «Critical Analysis Actions and Strategies» (CAAS).

2. WAI-ZEI Papers.

3. Regional Integration Observer (RIO).

4. WAI Newsletters. 

4. The various Reports (Scientific Council / Annual Reports / Training Seminar/ Evaluation of the 2011-2015 ECOWAS Strategic Plan / WAI 2016-2020 Strategic Plan) & Decision Acts and Texts on WAI.

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