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New WAI-ZEI Paper on a Pan-African Network in Regional Integration Studies online

WAI ZEI Paper ARISAS 1Ludger Kühnhardt and Djénéba Traoré (eds.): Brainstorming for a Pan-African Network in Regional Integration Studies

Despite the growing economic and political importance of and academic interest in African regional integration, topical research communities across the continent are not formally or structurally linked, hindering efficient and synergetic exchange and cooperation. Against this background, academic representatives from Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in Africa and Europe met in Praia on 25-26 March 2015 to initiate a debate on how this gap could be bridged. The WAI-ZEI Paper at hand summarizes the results of this fruitful exchange, elaborating the possible benefits, objectives, priorities and instruments of a Pan-African Network in Regional Integration Studies as well as comparative perspectives from the European experience. Last but not least, it provides a profound overview of higher education research in Africa, as well as possible governance structures and prospects for the establishment of such a network.


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