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WAI received at the Governmental Delegation of the Canary Islands in Cabo Verde, 12 June 2019

IMG 2291At the invitation of Mr. Jorge Cólogan y González-Massieu, Representative in Cabo Verde of the Canary Islands Foundation for External Action of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI), Prof. Djénéba Traoré, accompanied by Mr. Renato Frederico, Deputy Administrative Assistant at WAI Executive Secretariat, paid a courtesy visit at the premises of the Canarian Governmental Institution based in Praia, on June 12, 2019.

The first point of the discussion focused on the Canary Islands Foundation for External Action and its areas of intervention. During the presentation made by Mr. Jorge Cólogan y González-Massieu, the emphasis was put on the Territorial Cooperation Program between Spain and Portugal Interreg MAC (Madeira - Azores - Canaries) 2014-2020 approved on 03 June 2015 and with a project funding budget of 80% provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The MAC Program is the main instrument available to the Ultraperipheral Regions of Spain and Portugal and represents an effective response to the common challenges that both countries face. It is also a strategic tool for cooperation with third countries belonging to the geographical area of ​​Macaronesia.

 The priority axes of cooperation are like follows:

IMG 5462

- Strengthening research, technological development and innovation.

- Improving the competitiveness of companies by creating the conditions for internalization.

- Promotion of climate change adaptation and risk  and prevention management.

- Conservation and protection of the environment and promotion of resource efficiency.

- Institutional capacity building in public administration.

 The beneficiaries of ERDF support are:

- The regional and local public administrations as well as the public and private structures linked to it.

- Universities, research centers, technological institutes and foundations.

- Chambers of Commerce, trade and professional associations and other socio-economic


- Other public or private non-profit bodies.

 The Managing Authority of the Program is provided by the Vice Advisor of Economy and Economic Affairs of the European Union with the Government of the Canary Islands.

The Management Committee is responsible of the selection of projects and the operationalization of the Program.

The Accompaniment Committee is responsible for reviewing progress made in implementing the objectives of the Program. Cabo Verde, Senegal and Mauritania are members of the Committees.


IMG 5467The Canary Islands are part of Macaronesia, a geographical area grouping together the volcanic island territories of the Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores and Cabo Verde. The Canary Islands are the largest and most populous of Macaronesia. The Canary Islands industry is mainly developed in port activities, oil refining and agribusiness. Due to the sunny tropical climate and volcanic landscapes, the Canary Islands are a leading tourist destination with more than thirteen million tourists a year.

 The second point focused on the description of the missions of the West African Institute, namely:

- The promotion of knowledge on regional integration.

- The facilitation of a platform for dialogues, meetings and exchanges on regional integration.

- The training of a new generation of elites on regional integration.

- The negotiation of strategic partnerships with institutions pursuing similar goals.

 Thirdly, the discussions focused on the economic development and the training needs in capacity building, the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises, the creation of conditions for the internationalization of enterprises, the importance of statistics in the development process of needs identification and the technical cooperation with Cabo Verde.

 At the end of constructive and fruitful exchanges, the two parts agreed to continue the dialogue in order to ensure the sharing of the information on the opportunities of academic collaboration as well as the joint organization of dialogue sessions on two identified themes, including:

(i) economic cooperation and training opportunities offered by the Government of the Canaries for Cabo Verde and African countries concerned by the MAC Program, and

(ii) the process and the issues of Regionalization: comparison between the Canary Islands and Cabo Verde.

Started at 12:15 the meeting ended at 13:30.

Delegation Grand Canaries

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