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Human Rights - International Seminar on the Implementation of International Conventions, Praia, Cabo Verde, 20 - 21 May 2019

IMG 5395 President Assemblee Nationale CVOrganized by the National Commission on Human Rights and Citizenship (CNDHC), the International Seminar on " Human Rights and the Implementation of International Conventions" took place in Praia, Cabo Verde, from 20-21 May 2019.

The the West Africa Institute (WAI) was represented by its Deputy Executive Assistant, Mr. Renato Frederico and  two trainees carrying out their internship at WAI, Joceline Varela and Agostinho Moreira.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Cabo Verde, HE Jorge Santos and closing ceremony by HE Janine Lélis, Minister of Justice and Employment. Both strongly affirmed the Cabo-Verdean State's commitment to promoting human rights, especially the rights of women, children, vulnerable and disabled people and migrants, in line with the objectives of the Strategic Plan. of Sustainable Development (PEDS) of Cabo Verde and those of Sustainable Development (SDGs) of the United Nations. It is therefore about ensuring better living conditions for the population, strengthening inclusive policies, eradicating poverty and combating discrimination relatedt to gender.

At the end of the Seminar's work, a main recommendation was formulated: Intensify the dissemination of International Human Rights Conventions in the Cabo-Verdean society and pay greater attention to the most vulnerable groups.

For two days, participants from several Government Departments, the Parliament, the Judiciary and Civil Society Organizations examined a number of issues rooted in the implementation of international human rights conventions.

Through the interventions of national and foreign experts, some of the biggest challenges of the country in the implementation of Human Rights have been highlighted. The program of the International Seminar included lectures and round tables as follows:

Round Table on "The Implementation of the Conventions on Human Rights in the National Legal System" with as Speakers: Mr. Renato Leão: Chairman of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Mr. Benfeito Mosso Ramos, Judge Counselor of the Supreme Court of Justice and Moderator: Mrs. Dulcelina Rocha, Commissioner, Public Prosecutor's Representative to the CNDHC.

Round table on "Implementing Human Rights Conventions: what impact on economic and social development?" Speakers: Ms. Elisabete Mendes, Program Specialist on Governance, Public Administration and Justice of the United Nations System in Cabo Verde; Mr. Ulrich Weins, Senior Adviser and Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union Delegation in Cabo Verde; Mr. Francisco Tavares, Consultant for the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (PEDS) of the National Directorate of Planning.

The Moderator of the session was Mr. José Carlos Mendonça, Legal Officer of the Department of Legal Affairs and Treaties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communities.

IMG 5393 Seminaires Droits HumainsThe second day began with a conference hosted by Ms. Carina Antas Ferreira of the National Human Rights Commission of Portugal - Human Rights Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who presented Portugal's experience in mechanisms for monitoring the implementation of human rights Conventions.

The next round table on the theme "Cabo Verde's Commitments in the Implementation of Conventions and the Follow-up of Recommendations" was presented by Mr. Arlindo Sanches, Legal Adviser to the National Commission on Human Rights and Citizenship; Mr Helio Sanches, Member of the Special Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights, Security and State Reform, and Mr Jacinto Santos, President of the NGO Platform. The discussions were moderated by Ms. Carmen Barros, Director General of Immigration and member of the Interministerial Commission for the preparation of reports. 

In the afternoon, the President of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Right, Mr. Renato Leão, held a conference on "The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Functioning, Expertise and Recommendations".

The last round table discussed the theme "The implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: The Cabo Verde Experience" was held, with the participation of: Ms. Nathalie Monteiro, Director of Human Resources Services. special needs development in the Ministry of the Family and Social Inclusion; Mr. Arlindo Sanches, Legal Adviser to the National Commission on Human Rights and Citizenship; and Mrs. Eloisa Gonçalves, Executive Secretary of the Cabo Verde Women's Organization (OMCV). 

The Representative of the Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant Silvino Semedo, moderated the debate. 

You can follow here the speech of the Minister of Justice at the closing ceremony of the Seminar.

IMG 5391 Seminaire Droits Humains


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