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The year 2018 has been marked by the visit at the West Africa Institute (WAI) of HE Jean Claude Kassi Brou, the President of the ECOWAS Commission and the participation of WAI Director General in the following major events:

- the 13th Strategic Plannig Coordination Committee (SPCC) Meeting that took place in Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria, from 11 to 12 May 2018. This major event was chaired by HE Finda E.M Koroma, the new Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission, and facilitated by the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), supporting ECOWAS through strategic management and technical advice.

Representatives of ECOWAS Intitutions and Specialized Agencies took part in the fruitful dialog plateform focused first on the evaluation of the progress made in the implementation of the Community Strategic Framework (CSF) 2016-2020 and second on the propositions made by the Technical Committee of the SPCC regarding the post 2020 Vision. During the hearing given to her by the Vice-President, WAI Director General acknowledged the valuable support provided to the Institute by the ECOWAS Commission and offered the services of the Institute, a think tank specialized in regional integration and social transformations in West Africa, to support the process.

- the International Workshop on Germany´s new West Africa Policy, organized in Berlin, on 24-25 May 2018, and also held a Conference on Mali at the Helmut Schmidt University of Hamburg, on 28 May. The contributions and sharings of experiences during both activities have allowed to establish a clear statement on the needs of the West African region in the specific domains of socio economic development and peacebuilding among others. 

-  the PEGNet Conference, held on October 11th2018, in Cotonou, Benin. Under the theme: “Improving the quality of education and learning outcomes in developing countries", the Conference was part of the Mercator Dialogue on asylum and migration in Europe (MEDAM).

-  the 2018 Jury of the ECOWAS Support Program for Research and Innovation (PARI), Abuja, Nigeria, 24-26 October 2018. The Program is a competitive program that aims to select the best projects submitted by researchers through calls for applications.

-  the 1st Edition of Cabo Verde Ocean Week (CVOW) that took place in Mindelo, Island of São Vicente, from 19 to 23 November 2018. Platform par excellence for high-level exchanges on opportunities for the development of the Blue Economy in the Republic of Cabo Verde, the meeting has gathered a significant number of key stakeholders.

- the Cabo Verde First International Conference "Building New Partnerships for the Sustainable Development of Cabo Verde" & the Donors Investment Forum, Paris, France, 11-12 December 2018.  WAI and the RISC Consortium attended the important and successful event on the invitation of HE José Ulisses de Pina Correia e Silva, Prime Minister and Chief of the Government of the Republic of Cabo Verde.

    In terms of visits, WAI received on 02 November 2018, the President of the ECOWAS Commission HE Jean Claude Kassi Brou accompanied by a High Level Delegation. The President of the ECOWAS Commission claimed that the concept of regional integration needed to be better known in order to move from ECOWAS of the States to ECOWAS of the Peoples, in accordance with the Vision 2020 of the Regional Organization. He put the emphasis on the region's necessary economic transformation and on the close link between political and economic integration recalling all the challenges to rise in order to achieving the goals set.

On 31 January 2018, Dr. Victor Borges, former Minister of Education of Cabo Verde paid a visit to WAI in order to address the issue about the perspectives of the Institute and, on 21 February 2018, WAI hosted the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Cabo Verde, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Mauritania, HE Marion Weichelt Krupski, in the framework of a first contact with the Chairman of WAI Board of Directors, Ing. José Brito and the Director General.

The Minister of Regional Integration, HE Júlio Herbert Lopes, received the Director General of WAI in audience on 02 May 2018. The purpose of the visit was to present the Institute to the Minister and to ask for his advices, recommendations and support regarding the new perspectives of WAI. WAI Director General took the advantage to thank the Governement of the Republic of Cabo Verde for its constant financial assiatance to the Institute.

On the invitation of the Pedro Gomes Secondary School (ESPG), situated in the city of Praia, WAI Director General visited the educational institution on March 29th, 2018, in order to exchange with the School Director, Mr. Cecilio Semedo Cabral, and the Project Manager, Mrs. Lídia Spencer, about a project designed by the school and aiming to give a label of excellence to the school. 

WAI received on 05 - 07 October 2018, the visit of the Member of the Consortium for Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (RISC) and the GAMMA Programme.

WAI Fellowship has been extended in Februar 2018 with the nomination of Professor Harlan Koff from the University of Luxembourg and President of the RISC Consortium. It is the occasion to mention that the volume 8 (March 2018) of the Berghahn Journal «Regions and Cohesion» of the RISC Consortium on the topic «Sustainable Development» is now available online at: https://www.berghahnjournals.com. Finally, WAI has hosted Kadija Chopin from the Western Catholic University of Angers, France, for a one-month-internship (7 May – 7 June 2018). During her stay, Ms. Chopin carried out a survey on security challenges in Cabo Verde.

The information on the West Africa Institute (WAI) and its research activities can be obtained via its Website in the three working languages ​​of the Institute (English / French / Portuguese):

1. WAI Website: wai-iao.ecowas.int 

2. WAI Publications «Critical Analysis and Action Strategies» (CAAS)

3. WAI-ZEI Papers

4. Regional Integration Observer (RIO)

5. WAI Newsletters

6. The various reports (Scientific Council / Annual Reports / Training seminar) & Decisions Act and texts on WAI 

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