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WAI receives Uni-CV License Degree Student Working Group on the Regional Integration Process in the ECOWAS Zone, Praia, January 30, 2019

The Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI), received on 30 January 2019 a working group of License degree students from the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) under the scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Odair Varela. 

The objective of the students was to ask Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré a series of questions about the activities of the Institute in the field of regional integration in the West Africa Region and their impact. 

Led by Elisângela Fernandes, the working group encompassed following students:

- Joceline Varela

- Derick Agnas

- Agostinho Fernandes

- Cariane Santos

- Tairine Gomes

- Jociene Duarte

- Gilson Medina 

Also present were the staff members of the Executive Secretariat of WAI, notably

- Mme Vanilde Lopes

- M. Renato Frederico

- M. Márcio Júnior


The questions formulated by the working group and to which the Director General of the West Africa Institute responded were the following:

1) What progress has made the Institute in terms of regional integration since its implementation?

2) What are the challenges that WAI faces in the implementation process of its programs?

3) Why is the headquarters of WAI located in Cabo Verde and what are the main achievements?

4) Does the academic orientations of the Institute's researchers directly influence regional integration policies?

5) Is there an opportunity for the Institute to broaden its horizons with ECOWAS in order to add value to the integration process in West Africa?

6) Is there also an opportunity to broaden its horizons around ECOWAS in order to advance the results achieved for all Africa, by serving as a trigger of continental integration more in depth?

7) How do you evaluate the projects and activities led by WAI in Cabo Verde in the last years? Taking into account the cooperation of the Government of Cabo Verde (Program of Master in African Regional Integration (MIRA), capacity building, etc.

Unicv Students

After giving answers to the various questions, Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré concluded by wishing the students of the working group the best of success in their academic endeavors and by stressing the importance of leading their research work by carrying out a thorough literary review as well as an in-depth analysis of the documents.


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