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The West Africa Institute receives Dr. Victor Borges, January 31st, 2018

Photo Dr Victor Borges FV 1Dr. Victor Borges, former Minister of Education and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cabo Verde was received on January 31, 2018, at 16:00, by the Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI), Professor Djénéba Traoré, in the presence of the members of the Executive Secretariat of the Institute, Mrs. Vanilde Lopes, Mr. Renato Frederico and Mr. Márcio Mendonça.

Dr. Borges personally contributing as a Minister to the reflections on the creation as well as those on the establishment of the management bodies of the WAI, the meeting focused on the history and on the other hand on perspectives of the Institute, essentially in terms of training offers.

According to Dr. Borges, the issues of regional integration, development and in particular, the crucial challenge of capacity building (scientific, technical,administrative, managerial, political, leadership ...) is a top priority in Africa. He stated that: «Without capacity, we will not be able to control nor our resources, neither our development process, and to put in place a governance system that can meet the requirements, the expectations and the needs of the populations», emphasizing the fact that African states and regional organisations are today more than ever challenged to respond to the demand regarding independence, integration and democratization.


Visite Dr Borges IAO DGDr. Borges supported the idea that the Institute, in its position as  think tank, invests its potential in building the capacity of senior officials of public and private administration and of ECOWAS and thus brings its expertise to a better understanding of integration issues, creates the necessary networking and broadening knowledge on the main short and medium-term challenges of the African continent. This training could be extended to political party leaders to build their capacity.

Dr. Borges expressed his confidence that by combining independent research, dialogue sessions and capacity building of national and regional administrations, the West Africa Institute, in collaboration with other national institutions, can positively influence national and regional decisions. and make a unique contribution to the integration process.


Visite Dr Borges 3In her answer the Director General of WAI thanked Dr. Borges for his visit and expressed her perfect agreement with the highly relevant reflections on the challenges and prospects of regional integration. In reviewing the activities carried out by WAI since its creation in 2010, she said her deep conviction that Dr. Borges could, if he accepted, support the Institute in achieving its  missions and bring his expertise in accelerating the process of regional integration in West Africa and beyond.

 The meeting ended after an hour and a half of highly productive exchanges.



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