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WAI 2017 Annual Report CPThe West Africa Institute (WAI) is carrying out its commitment to the missions assigned by its Promoters with the firm conviction that the economic and social growth of the West African Region will be achieved through an effective integration and social transformations process. The task may be difficult to fulfil however, it seems to be the best way to reach this goal.

The year 2017 has been marked by several important events related to Regional Integration issues and process in which WAI participated and contributed, notably:

The formal opening of the Master Program in African Regional Integration (MARI) on 23rd January 2017at the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) under the umbrella of the Rector, Prof. Dr. Judite Nascimento. At this occasion, an inaugural conference held by Prof. Dr.  Kojo Opoku Aidoo from the University of Ghana, took place. The MARI Program is relevant in terms of capacity building of a young elite capable to rise the challenges of regional integration in Africa.

The meeting that took place on February 14th, 2017 between the President of ECOWAS Commission, HE Marcel Alain de Souza in Praia during his official visit in Cabo Verde with the Chairman of WAI Governing Board, WAI Director General and the Academic Director of the Master Program in African Regional Integration aimed to exchange on relevant issues of regional integration in West Africa and the situation of the Institute.

The request formulated on February 24th by the Kingdom of Morocco to be a member State of the Economic Community of West African States – ECOWAS.

 The case has been analyzed by Professor Oumarou Touré and the findings published on WAI website.

The Director General of WAI participated in various regional and international meetings and events, notably:

the Opening Ceremony of the Master Program in African Regional Integration (MARI), Uni-CV, Praia, Cabo Verde, 23rd January 2017;

the Celebration of the Francophonie Day, Uni-CV, Praia, Cabo Verde, 20th March 2017;

the 12th Meeting of the Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee (SPCC), Saly, Senegal, 3rd – 6th April 2017;

 the UNESCO Conference on Higher Education, Policy and Research: Quality and Future Challenges for East Africa and the Indian Ocean, Djibouti, 2nd - 4th May 2017;

the Conference on African Humanities (CAH), Bamako, 28th June - 1st July, 2017;

the ACRIDES Conference for the 38 Years of the Declaration of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, Praia, Cabo Verde, July 24th, 2017;

the BMBF International Evaluation Panel, 11th -12th September 2017, Bonn, Germany;

the 4th World Forum for Local Economic Development, Praia, Republic of Cabo Verde, 17th – 20th October 2017;

the 2017 RISC International Conference 30th – 31st October and Doctoral School Meeting 1st -3rd November 2017, Aguascalientes, Mexico.

WAI Director General, Professor Djénéba Traoré also contributed as moderator at the Conference organised by the José Maria Neves Foundation for Governance (FJMNG) held by Economist Mamadou Dia and Ing. José Brito on the theme “Governance in Africa in the 21st Century”, Praia, May 24th, 2017.

The West Africa Institute has received the visit of several personalities from Cabo Verde and the West Africa Region.

In addition, WAI Director has taken part in the meetings and events organised by the Government of the Republic of Cabo Verde, including the celebration of the 42 Anniversary of the Independence Day, on July 5th, 2017 and the 4th World Forum on Local Economic Development.

Regarding the internships, the West Africa Institute has hosted Ms. Juliette Yahiaoui for a three-months internship and the students of ISCJS, Carina De Oliveira and Cíntia Monteiro for one month internship.

Ms. Juliette Yahaoui defended her Master Thesis on July 6th, 2017 at the University of Luxemburg, her supervisor being Prof. Harlan Koff and Prof. Traoré the second Evaluator.

The present Annual Report also present WAI Publications – Critical Analysis and Action Strategies (CAAS) :

Sauvons Tombouctou, Ville Séculaire de Tolérance Religieuse et de Coexistence Pacifique 

Promotion des Echanges Commerciaux entre la République de Cabo Verde et les Pays Francophones d’Afrique : Quel Rôle peut jouer la Langue Française ? 

The West Africa Institute (WAI) was created by UNESCO, ECOWAS Commission, UEMOA, the Government of the Republic of Cabo Verde and the ECOBANK Group. It was approved by the Summit of Heads of State of ECOWAS held in Ouagadougou 

(Burkina Faso) in December 2008 and by the Council of Ministers of UEMOA on 26th June 2009, in Dakar (Senegal). In October 2009, during the General Conference session in Paris (France), UNESCO approved the creation of the West Africa Institute (WAI) as a category II Institute, placed under its auspices.

WAI is a research centre and think tank on regional integration with a focus on social transformations. It was established as an international NGO based in Praia, Cabo Verde. WAI’s main missions are (i) to generate knowledge, (ii) to establish platforms for dialogue, meetings and exchanges, and (iii) to train a new generation of elites on research and policy making with respect to its focus areas. A key element of its strategy is strategic partnership with similar institutions.

The vision of WAI is to participate actively in close collaboration with other actors in order to facilitating decision-making to achieve the aspirations and the desires of the population.

WAI has an extensive network of experts and analysts within the region with competencies in various fields. It has also developed strategic networks with universities, research centres and think tanks in Africa and Europe.

The Administrative and Technical Organs of the WAI are like follows:

The Executive Committee

The Governing Board

The Scientific Council

The Executive Secretariat

The West Africa Institute wishes a happy New Year and extends its sincere thanks to:

- The Chairman of the Governing Board, Ing. Mr. José Brito;

- its Academic Contributors;

- its Scientific Partners and

- its five Promoters for their financial, technical and material support to the Institute:

ECOWAS Commission

The Government of the Republic of Cabo Verde

UEMOA Commission



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