Visit of a Delegation from RCI at WAI to present the Master of African Integration, Praia, 07 December 2017

Photo Del RCI PrThe Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI), Prof. Djénéba Traoré, has received on 07 December 2017 a mission from the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (RCI) composed of the Prof. David Musa Soro, Director of the Ivorian Office for the Promotion of African Integration at the Ministry of African Integration and the Ivorians of Abroad and also Coordinator of the Master of African Integration offered by the Alassane Ouattara University of Bouaké and Prof. Azoumana Ouattara, Dean of the UFR (Unité de Formation et de Recherche - Unit of Training and Research) Literature at the University of Bouaké and Member of the National Consultative Committee of Bioethics.

The meeting, which was attended by the Director General and the entire team of WAI Executive Secretariat: Mrs. Vanilde Lopes, Mr. Renato Frederico and Mr. Márcio Mendonça, was mainly focused, first on the presentation by the Ivorian delegation, the Master of African Integration, and second on partnership perspectives for the promotion/dissemination of the training module.

Thanking the delegation for the interest in WAI, a think tank dedicated to regional integration and social transformations in West Africa, and partner institution of the Master in African Regional Integration (MARI) provided by University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV), Prof. Djénéba Traoré invited Prof. Soro and Prof. Ouattara to take the floor.

In his intervention, Prof. David Musa Soro informed first of all that the visit of the delegation had been recommended by the ECOWAS Commission with the aim of creating a favorable space for an exchange on the MARI created in partnership with Uni-CV and the ZEI.


Prof. Soro then gave a brief historical background of the creation of the Master's module, which reflections began in 2007 on the basis of an observation, notably the need to train competent human resources capable of initiating and driving relevant policies on regional integration. The program has been validated in 2016 by the academic and institutional authorities and a call for applications launched for the recruitment of auditors. Out of 45 applicants, 20 were selected taking into account the criteria established in this regard.


Photo Visite Del 3Prof. Azoumana Ouattara focused then on the main constraints that the educational project faced in its creation phase, constraints linked to an employment oriented training, the credit transfert system and the use of new technologies and mainly related to the academic requirements of the LMD system (Licence-Master-Doctorate) currently being implemented in higher education structures.


Moving on, Prof. Soro explained that the profile of the candidates is essentially made up of senior officials from public and private institutions including banks. However, two students were selected on the basis of their academic performance.

Prof. Ouattara also mentioned the digital resources available at the University and underlined that the expectations of Côte d'Ivoire regarding the Master were huge, which explains the various missions carried out in several countries of the region with a view to forming partnerships and by international organizations in order to mobilize financial resources.


After hearing the provided information, the Director General of WAI stated that the Institute and the University of Bouaké share the same vision regarding the urgency of human capital with the capacity to conceptualise and realize regional integration policies. She was also pleased to know that the Master of the University of Bouaké is dedicated to African integration, as the module taught at Uni-CV and is not restricted to the West African region, because to achieve African Unity, it is necessary to promote scientific exchanges beyond regional borders.


Prof. Djénéba Traoré recalled the preparatory work of the Master who received since 2013 the full support of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Cabo Verde and the relevant collaboration of the Scientific Council of Uni-CV. She added that at the end of the of the validation and accreditation process in 2015, the MARI courses started with 27 auditors in January 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Odair Barros-Varela, President of ENG, in his capacity as the Academic Director of MIRA. Prof. Varela who was absent at the meeting due to a mission abroad will be informed on the various topics addressed. Prof. Traoré confirmed that as for the University of Bouaké, the MARI students are high-level practitioners, able to work in institutions in charge of regional integration. Furthermore, the faculty staff comes from identified African, European, North and South American universities.


WAI Director General also stressed the need to integrate information and technology technologies (ICTs) into the pedagogy, and regretted  in relation to MIRA, the lack of financial means, despite the support requested from several international organizations. Fortunately, the West African Development Bank (BOAD) has provided its first financial support in 2017.


Prof. Traoré said she was very much in favor of the partneship proposal  because in her view, taking action together will lead without any doubt to constructive collaboration to achieve the formation of quality human capital, the role of higher education being major in economic and social development.


After two hours of highly productive exchanges, it was decided by common agreement that the two sides would jointly reflect on the following points:


- The possible signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the managers of the Masters taught by the Alassane Ouattara University of Bouaké and by Uni-CV of Praia ;

- Sharing of experiences ;

- Teaching disciplines ;

- Mobilization of human, technical and financial resources ;

- Partnership protocol on specific training (intensive courses of 4 or 5 days).


Finally, the two sides exchanged documentation: the Ivorian delegation offered samples of the brochure on the Master of African Integration to the Director General of WAI who gave at her turn to the delegation WAI publications on regional integration, including the booklet issued from the WAI-ZEI academic collaboration project, on the MARI Program.


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