West Africa Institute: Visits and Partnerships, July - August 2017

Visite Amb Cesar MonteiroDuring the months of July and August 2017, the Director General of the West Africa Institute (WAI) received successively visits from HE César Monteiro, Ambassador of the Republic of Cabo Verde in Senegal at the end of his mission, Mrs. Vicenta Fernandes, President of the Cab Verdean Association for the Fight against Gender-Based Violence and Mrs. Ekvity dos Santos and Sandra Lima Ambassadors & Founders of Womenise.it.

The meeting with Ambassador Monteiro that took place on July 26, 2017, was focused on the life of the West Africa Institute. Knowing the Institute since the beginning for having contributed to its creation, Mr. Monteiro said that he was available to participate in the scientific activities of WAI and in those of the Master in African Regional Integration (MARI), taught by Uni-CV in January 2017.

Prof. Djénéba Traoré assured Ambassador César Monteiro of the full disposal of WAI to support any proposal or contribution that can promote Cabo Verde's involvement in the process of regional integration in West Africa.


The Director General of WAI was invited to the Consulate of Guinea Bissau in Cabo Verde on August 19th, 2017 by the Consul General, Mr. Cândido Barbosa, at the presentation of the Brazilian agro industrial project SILTOMAC.

Visite CGBThe project Coordinator, Mr. Júlio Aponté Té, who presented SILTOMAC informed that a partnership had been developed with ECOWAS and that he proposed to outline this innovative agro industrial initiative during the 4th World Forum on Local Economic Development, scheduled in Praia, from 17 to 20 October 2017.

The Director General of WAI listened to the presentation with high interest and affirmed that the information would be shared with the National Organizing Commission of the Forum.






The visit of Mrs. Vicenta Fernandes was part of the enlargement procedure of the partnership of the Cab Verdean Association Fighting against Violence Based on Gender (Associação Caboverdiana of Luta Contra Violencia baseada no Género - ACLCVBG) with WAI and further national and international institutions to eradicate violence and promote gender equality.

Photo Visite Association Femmes CVDuring the sharing, Mrs. Fernandes indicated that the ACLCVBG, created on May 20, 2015, is headquartered in the city of Praia and has currently the following partners: the Ministry of Justice, ICIEG (Instituto Cabo-verdiano para a Igualdade e a Equidade de Género), UN Women, the Parliamentary Network of Women, the Presidency of the Republic, the National Police, the Embassy of Luxembourg, etc. and aspires to create delegations in other islands and municipalities in the country.

ACLCVBG objectives are focused on the prevention and promotion of human rights, education for citizenship, prevention and fight against of all forms of violence and discrimination, support to victims of violence based on gender for rapid and specialized access to hospital, police, legal and social protection services.

As highlighted by the President, the ACLCVBG has a proven experience in the field and has already visited several communities and schools to hold conferences and outreach activities. In particular, it has organized a national forum on sexual harassment in the workplace, the first of its kind in Cabo Verde, in partnership with UN Women, ICIEG and the Luxembourg Embassy in Cabo Verde.

Mrs. Vicente assured that the demand is high at the level of the Island of Santiago and the other islands of the archipelago. She added that the Government in this 9th legislature has specified that it take urgent actions to establish gender equality for women so that in 2030 the percentage of 50/50 can be reached and in 2018 the law on parity can be voted in Cabo Verde.

Thanking Mrs. Vicente for her visit, Prof. Traoré gave her agreement regarding the partnership proposal and promised to contact women's organizations in the ECOWAS region with similar objectives to those of the ACLCVBG.

The contact details of the ACLCVBG are as follows:

Associação Caboverdiana de Luta Contra Violencia baseada no Género

Rua, Cidade do Funchal, A.S.A Prédio CNDHC 4ºDireito

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Director General of WAI received on Thursday, August 18, 2017, Mrs. Ekvity dos Santos and Sandra Lima Ambassadors and Founders of the Womenise.it Project.

Photo Visite WomeniseAccording to the two promoters, the Womenise.it Project aims at strengthening the capacities of women through the promotion of sharing and networking spaces, meetings, trainings, workshops, coaching and mentoring for women of Cabo Verde.

The Womenise.it Project was born out of the desire of three young Cab Verdean women to get involved in a women-led initiative after establishing that there was no space for sharing and exchanging information from women-to-women experiences in Cabo Verde. 

The two promoters present during the meeting finally explained that to commemorate the second anniversary of the creation of Womenise.it, they were seeking to organize the first Summit of the Association on Women's Leadership on November 17-18, 2017 under the umbrella of First Lady Dr. Ligia Dias Fonseca and were therefore requesting the support of the Institute to this purpose.

In her response, the Director General of WAI congratulated the promoters for the creation of Womenise.it whose objectives are relevant and promised that WAI will support the Summit.


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