Master Program in African Regional Integration: WAI Director General holds a Training Seminar at Uni-CV, 10-14 July 2017

IMG 3145The African continent needs today more than ever strong institutions. The Master Program in African Regional Integration (MARI), aims therefore at reinforcing the capacity of organizations working on Regional Integration issues. Through the practical focus of the modules, graduates will develop skills in research, critical analysis, negotiation, strategic planning, preparation of reports, policy implementation, scientific writing and paper presentations. 

The objective of the Program is to train a new generation of elites capable to successfully promote and achieve the process of regional integration in Africa. This requires particularly solid knowledge in the field of regional integration within the various bodies of the Regional Economic Communities (REGs).

Started in January 2017 at the University of Cabo Verde (Universidade de Cabo Verde - Uni-CV) under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Odair Barros-Varela, in his capacity as Academic Director of the Program, the series of lecturing scheduled for the first semester have been closed at the end of the month of July 2017.

In the framework of the first semester program, WAI Director General, was invited to a one week lecturing on the theme: Management of Regional Integration and Practical Skills at the School of Business and Governance (Escola de Negócios e Governação - ENG). From July 10th to 14th, 2017, Prof. Djénéba Traoré addressed the following issues with a focus on the role of Higher Education and Scientific Research to enhance the process of regional integration and social transformations in Africa:

- The Challenges of Regional Integration in Africa and  a restrospective overview on the history of the continent.

- The Challengess of Higher Education in Africa and the prospects of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) Integration.

- ECOPOST, ECOWAS Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

- Renewable Energy and Energy Efficienty in West Africa based on the WAI-ECREEE project collaboration.

- WAI Experience on Regional Integration and Social Transformation in West Africa.

The lecturing has shown that the MARI scholars are highly interested in the Program. They hope to build they capacity in Regional Integration in order to be able to effectively take part in the process at the level of Regional Organizations once they have graduated.

To this end, the West Africa Institute (WAI); acknowledging the West African Development Bank (Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement -BOAD) for its financial support, launches an appeal to all potential financing Institutions to support the Master Program in African Regional Integration, the first academic Program to be implemented in a West African University, the University of Cabo Verde, in partnership with WAI and the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), Bonn University, Germany.


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