The Ambassador of Senegal visits the West Africa Institute (WAI), Praia, on 09 May 2017


Sengal Embassedeur1The Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal accredited to the Republic of Cabo Verde, Madam Seynabou Dial, paid a courtesy visit to the West Africa Institute (WAI) on May 09, 2017.

Hosted by the Director General of WAI, Prof. Djénéba Traoré, Madam Seynabou Dial explained that the purpose of her visit was to initiate exchanges between WAI and the Embassy of Senegal on regional integration issues in West Africa in order to define the possible axes of cooperation between the Embassy of Senegal and the Institute. The purpose was also to reflect on how to combine the efforts of both sides in the framework of a larger participation of the various actors of the public and private institutions of the Republic of Cabo Verde in the ECOWAS (Economic Community of the West Africa States) of which it is a member since the creation of the Sub-Regional Organization on 28 May 1975.

The meeting therefore focused mainly on the constraints faced by the achievement of the regional integration process. It was unanimously agreed by both sides that improving the quality of the various cycles of education system (from kindergarden to post graduation) is the first challenge to rise in order to meet the objectives of regional integration. Indeed, apart from Cabo Verde, which is the only ECOWAS member State to have reached the goals of Education for All (EFA) in 2015, the West African region is marked, among other things, by a high rate of illiteracy, low schooling rate, particularly at the level of girls, low levels of funding for higher education and scientific research, and lack of pedagogical innovations.

Meanwhile, both sides identified the media's lack of involvement in the activities and publication of ECOWAS regulations. This constitutes a serious impediment to the implementation of the ECOWAS 2020 Vision, which advocates the transition from the ECOWAS of the States to that of the Peoples. On the other hand, WAI's think tank work, including research, capacity building, and social and political dialogue on regional integration, was welcomed as an necessary element for the promotion of the process.

The Ambassador of Senegal, Madam Seynabou Dial and the Director General of WAI, Prof. Djénéba Traoré have during two hours of fruitful and fraternal dialogue agreed to revitalize their bi-lateral cooperation by concrete actions that their two institutions will lead on the ground.

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