The West Africa Institute is receiving Mrs Juliette Yahiaoui for a three-months internship

JulieteMrs Juliette Yahiaoui is a second-year student of a Master of European Governance at the University of Luxembourg and completes a three-months internship as part of her studies at the West Africa Institute (February the 15th – May the 15th). Her research study focuses on the Policy Coherence for Development between the European Union (EU) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in the field of development, renewables energies and energy efficiency.

On the first hand, the aim of this study is to better understand the energy policies of both regions in order to lay down the guidelines of these policies depending on the needs of the regions. On the other hand, it should lead to the establishment of the relationship between the EU and the ECOWAS in the field of energy. The objective is here to see to what extent are these policies coherent, incoherent and compatible. Finally Mrs Yahiaoui’s research will deal with the local implementation of these policies through a case study between Luxembourg and Cabo Verde.

 According to Mrs Yahiaoui, the study offers two principal advantages. At first, it is done in Cabo Verde, a country in which energy has a prime importance and which maintains a special partnership with the EU. Secondly, the West Africa Institute offers a very favourable work environment to this project thanks to the access to new and local resources. It will also facilitate contact and communication with the institutions concerned by energy both locally and regionally speaking.

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