Interview with Ludger Kühnhardt and Rike Sohn, WAI-ZEI Mid-term conference in Praia

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KU ArticleIn an interview with the Cape Verdean correspondent of Deutsche Welle during the WAI-ZEI midterm conference on 22 October 2013, Prof. Dr. Ludger Kühnhardt, Director of ZEI, talked about the necessity to include the civil society and the private sector in EU-Africa relations.

4For her part, Rike Sohn, ZEI Junior fellow, reported on the establishment of WAI Library and plans to establish in a cooperation with the University of Cape Vert a Master program  in regional integration, in Praia, Cape Verde, as part of the WAI-ZEI scientific research cooperation on “Sustainable Regional Integration in West Africa and Europe”. Please find the interview below (in Portuguese) here.