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The Coordinator of Immigration Coordination Unit (UCI), Mrs. Carmem B. Furtado, visits West Africa Institute (WAI).

UCI 2On Thursday, October 3, 2013, the Coordinator and Members of the Immigration Coordination Unit (UCI) in Cape Verde visited West Africa Institute (WAI) in Praia, Cape Verde. Accompanied by Mrs. Jacira Moreno, Nereida Monteiro and Mr. Carlos Teixeira, the coordinator was welcomed by the Director General of West Africa Institute, Prof. Djénéba Traoré, and members of the Executive Secretariat of WAI.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce UCI and the new immigrant’s Guide (Guia do Imigrante) that it has developed. This Guide is to facilitate the integration of immigrants in Cape Verde into the Cape Verdean community.

The Immigration Coordination Unit is a new structure established under the framework of the National Immigration Policy of the Government of Cape Verde to ensure better management of migration, especially irregular Immigration. The Mission of the UCI is to diagnose the phenomenon of migration and to propose strategic solutions to the capverdean Government.UCI 1

According to Mrs. Furtado, Cape Verde has moved from emigration to destination and transit country status. For this reason, it is imperative that the country acquires the capacity to better know the migrants so as to benefit from their talents. This will also facilitate the integration of the migrants into the Cape Verdean community.

Prof. Dr. Djénéba Traoré commended the team of UCI for the work done and stressed the relevance of the theme of migration in the regional integration process in West Africa. She emphasized that all the issues related to the phenomena of migration and migrants should be taken into consideration so that this important issue may not go unnoticed. She proposed that the two institutes should cooperate to carry out research in the field of migration.

The visit ended with a presentation of the immigrant's Guide and some publications and documentation of WAI.

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