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Message from the Director General

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We are living in a rapidly changing world where crises of all kinds are occuring day-by-day. Given these conditions where the stakes are high, political decision-making becomes a factor of high importance and also of risk.

The priorities of the West Africa Institute (WAI) are to promote innovative research, build capacity, organize dialogue sessions and foster decision-making based on knowledge and research findings.

«Governing means planning», but before planning, it is necessary to observe, to cross-check, to collect data for a rigorous and high-pitched analysis to be able to draw relevant conclusions, likely to give answer to the questions concernced. To that end, strategic choices should be driven by research which can contribute to a better understanding of a phenomenon or a specific problem. With that in mind, the dissemination of research results remains a must for making information accessible to all.

WAI offers to analyze obstacles, constraints and challenges to regional integration and proposes solutions for  issues in West Africa related to social transformations.

Established in 2010 to support and consolidate the regional integration process in West Africa, WAI is ready to play his role, including in the field of capacity building to strengthen regional actors.

Research and the implemention of strategic partnerships are also among the major goals of WAI.

WAI thanks its Promoters:

Prof. Dr. Djeneba Traoré

Director General of WAI

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